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Four Green Card Sponsorship Trends in 2020

Four Green Card Sponsorship Trends in 2020

Green cards continue to play an important role in foreign talent acquisition and retention Foreign nationals are eager for the peace of mind and security associated with long-term sponsorship as a result of today’s uncertain political climate. Envoy Global surveyed over 400 human resources professionals to learn more about their green card sponsorship processes and...
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Two-way talent: What It Is and Why It Matters

Two-Way Talent: What it is and why it matters

Two-way talent flow projects to become a staple of the modern workplace in 2020 Millennials are often on the receiving end of blame for ending long-standing trends. According to countless listicle articles, millennials ended traditions such as casual dining chains, cereal, homeownership and many more. But if millennials are cited for ending trends, they should...
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