About the Envoy Insights Map

About the Envoy Insights map utilizes data from 2016-2018 from [source] for U.S. LCA petition filings…


What is a DMA?

According to the Satellite and Broadcasting Communications Association: “The United States is divided into 210 designated market areas (DMA) by Nielsen Media Research, which defines these regions as a group of counties in which the commercial TV stations in the Metro/Central area achieve the largest audience share.

These areas do not overlap, though rural regions with few significant population centers can also be designated as markets and, conversely, very large metropolitan areas can sometimes be subdivided into multiple segments.”

What is an Overindex?

Need a definition for ‘Overindex’ with something like:

“it means how much a segment is over-the-index of 100. Sometimes referred to as a Comp Index.

I’ve seen it calculated as a percent of a population segment (let’s use age as an example say 18–24), divided by the percent of that population segment (18-24) that uses a product or service.”

What is a SOC title?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor: “The 2018 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system is a federal statistical standard used by federal agencies to classify workers into occupational categories for the purpose of collecting, calculating, or disseminating data. All workers are classified into one of 867 detailed occupations according to their occupational definition. To facilitate classification, detailed occupations are combined to form 459 broad occupations, 98 minor groups, and 23 major groups. Detailed occupations in the SOC with similar job duties, and in some cases skills, education, and/or training, are grouped together.”

How do I use this map?

The map below displays the national overindex of LCA petitions filed for all SOC titles by default. To narrow the results to display the results within a specific industry, select a SOC title via the dropdown to view the overindex map and top 10 direct job titles for that industry.

Each designated market area (DMA) can be selected via the map to filter the results for the top 10 direct job titles for the selected SOC title and selected Direct Job Titles.

To return to a national overindex display, click on a non-DMA area of the map or click the currently selected DMA a second time. The SOC title and Direct Job Titles can be reset to view All, which will automatically update the map.